Silver Spring senior citizen apartment complex without heat

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - This is the worst time to be without heat in your home, but that’s exactly what some elderly residents are dealing with at an apartment complex in Silver Spring.

Contractors spent the day working to make repairs at the Charter House senior citizen apartment building on Fenwick Lane as those without heat did what they could to stay warm.

The residents are without heat – again. And many residents are trying to stay warm the best way they can.

“My heat has been out for two weeks and I have been using my stove, my oven,” says another resident.

Broken and frozen pipes have been a chronic problem.

“The ceiling has water coming down in the living room and my bedroom,” says Rosemary Koscovic.

“It’s just so cold and frigid. Tt’s the kind of cold that numbs you,” says Lorena Givens.

With the snowfall over, a big job is left for homeowners who have to shovel not only their snow-covered sidewalks, but the ice underneath.

“It compacts and freezes and you just got to try to scoop it up,” Bob Wheeler says.

Shoveling ice and snow was the order of the day for those who had to be out in the cold for one reason or another.

“Don’t bother me,” says Monte Napolean. “It’s just another day.”