Silver Spring's tree of toys to be donated to charity

      SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJLA) - Christmas traditions are different for everyone, but in downtown Silver Spring there is no balsam fir or{ }silver tinsel. This year's yuletide comes in colors like pink and purple.{ }

      “I just like that it's not the actual Christmas tree. It's toys,” says Shaedelle Dorsett, a Silver Spring, Md. resident.{ }

      The 30-foot tree is topped with Legos and a hoop instead of an angel.

      “Reminds me of when I was putting together toys at Christmas,” say Branford Brown.{ }

      A Minnesota artist zip-tied and drilled five xylophones, 10 sports balls, and 12 helmets, just to name a few. And though we haven't seen any snow this{ }season,{ }there are plenty of sleds.{ }

      Many treasures are reclaimed or found, and most of the toys{ }will go to charity once the holidays are over.{ }

      “It's actually good to know it’s going to charity to be put to good use,” Dorsett says.{ }

      It's the second time downtown Silver Spring property managers have reimagiend the holidays.{ }

      An exhibit that’s decidedly non-traditional is evoking the emotions we’ve come to expect at Christmas.{ }

      “Very real, very poignant,” says Jean Ann Boyce, of Laurel.