Silver Spring's Fillmore Concert Hall serves hot meals

Thanksgiving is not only the day we spend with our family, it’s also a day to help out those who aren’t as fortunate. There were plenty of those events around the D.C. area Thursday.{ }

It may be a{ }traditional feast with all the fixings, but to Julian Jones, it not only tastes good, it provides comfort on this Thanksgiving.

“I’m not with my family right now, with my kids,” he says. “It’s a very difficult time. I don’t have any unemployment. It ran out.”

As an unemployed electrician his home is now on the streets. It’s a life he would never have carved out for himself, but he’s making the most of it and giving gratitude.

“I want to thank everyone, especially residents of Montgomery County. They always feed the homeless,” he says.

Jones joins many others in need at Silver Spring’s Fillmore Concert Hall.

“This is the first event and I predict it will only get bigger and better as we move,” says Ike Leggett.

“I think it’s great to open up the community, especially for folks who have nowhere to go on Thanksgiving,” says Tamanika Ferguson.

While enjoying the entertainment guests loaded up on turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Chefs worked non-stop the past two days preparing 2,000 pounds of food: 80 turkeys, 60 pies, 15 gallons of gravy and nothing will go to waste because leftovers will go next door to Shepherd’s Table.

“Shepherd’s Table is a wonderful organization,” says Paul Lever. “They feed 150, 200 people a night.”

And on this Thanksgiving, volunteer Alan Freeman says giving really is receiving.

“In my job everything I’m doing is about business,” he says. “It’s nice to be a part of something where there’s no ulterior motive.”

After filling up their bellies, some tried on shoes at the donation corner and picked up to-go bags full of food. Jones enjoyed his hot meal for as long as possible.

“We don’t have a kitchen for food. You can only buy cold food so this hot meal means everything,” he says.