Silver Spring residents: Fatal crash intersection has long been dangerous

Deadly accident scene in Silver Spring where a car flipped over. (NewsChopper 7 photo)

SILVER SPRING (NewsChannel 8) -- Residents are urging changes to an intersection where a fatal multi-car crash happened Wednesday.


"We are used to hearing boom, boom from our houses and that means metal hit metal,” said Susan Fletcher.

For the last 10 years, Fletcher says she has seen crash after crash along Columbia Pike and Fairland Road in Silver Spring,

"It's like the Daytona 500," said Fletcher.

The speed limit is posted at 50 miles per hour along the stretch of Columbia Pike, but Fletcher says drivers go much faster and are aggressive.

“I know the county has several bad intersections but this has got to be on the top three or four,” said Fletcher.

When she came home to see this latest crash near her home on Wednesday, she said she knew it was bad.

Montgomery County Police said that 22-year old Marcelina Cordoba later died at the hospital after her black Audi overturned.

"For us it was priority to investigate this collision. We knew it was a serious collision, it is now a fatal collision and we just want to investigate this completely and determine what occurred," said Corporal Rebecca Innocenti.

Cordoba lived just minutes from the accident scene and her sister told NewsChannel 8 that she was on her way home from Montgomery College, where she studied criminal justice.

“She worked for everything she got, she was independent,” said Gabriela Cordoba,"She was my idol.” Police said her Audi came into contact with a Jeep Commander that was changing lanes.

Police identified the Jeep’s driver as Phyllis Ford, 37, of Baltimore. They said Ford fled the scene after the crash and returned hours later,

“We are investigating this as a hit and run collision. The vehicle returned but what is important to know is that legally you are required to stop when you have been involved are in a collision," said Innocenti.

The crash caused two other vehicles, a Lincoln Navigator and a Toyota Scion, to also get hit. The driver of the Lincoln was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Fletcher hopes that some changes come to the intersection before anyone else is killed.

“I hope she didn't die in vain," said Fletcher.

Police could not provide details of past accidents at that intersection but it is something they said they would look into.

Accident reconstruction investigation could take a couple weeks and no charges have been filed in the crash, police said.