Silver Spring man gets three parking tickets, two tows in D.C.

Taylor received three parking tickets and two tows in a span of hours. (Photo: ABC7)

Christmas at the White House is a time when special guests descend on the White House by the hundreds to celebrate the season in the nation's capital.

For one Silver Spring couple, though, a trip into the District turned into a nightmare of epic parking proportions.

Pat Taylor, who was set to attend an event at the White House last year, says he and his wife were supposed to be downtown just after 4 p.m., and they were overjoyed when they found a seemingly perfect spot right on 15th Street.

"(We) didn't read the sign that said 'Rush Hour Tow Away Zone," Taylor said. "We went away, came back and the car was gone."

In a matter of minutes after parking, Taylor got a $100 parking ticket, and the car was towed to the 1200 block of N Street. However, that was another no parking zone, and the vehicle got another citation and another tow.

The third location the car got towed to was the 1200 block of O Street, where the car completed a hat trick of $100 parking tickets. The Taylors say they paid two of the three tickets, but challenged the second tow. However, the D.C. DMV told them because they paid the other two tickets, they couldn't challenge the second towing.

"(We) just felt like we were being taken advantage of," Taylor said.

Once 7 On Your Side asked the DMV to explain, though, the ticket quickly disappeared, saying that Taylor's car was towed to an area which directly resulted in the second tow. In an email, DMV director Lucinda Babers said the second towing ticket was given in error.

The agency says that if multiple tickets are issued at once, you should challenge them all together before you pay any of them.