Silver line meeting draws proponents from both sides

It was standing room only Monday night at a public meeting on the future of the Dulles Metro Rail.

The sign up sheet for those interested in speaking on where the multi-million dollar silver line should go and how it should be paid for was filled with about 160 names.

The plan, as it stands, would construct the Metro line past Dulles and into Chantilly.{ }

Proponents on both sides of the issue came out for Monday night's meeting.

Metro supporters had their chants and green shirts.

Opponents brought a pig, and if you wanted to know how they felt about the plan, all you had to do was read its butt, which said, "It's not going to benefit me in any which way shape or form."

The group opposing the issue fear higher taxes. Loudoun taxpayers would have to pay $269 million to have Metro come into the county for two stops. It would take an additional $16.3 million a year to operate it, and that number would rise over time.

Jesse Andrews is moving to Loudoun and is against the plan. Andrew says, "...schools, plenty of roads -- I mean there's a lot of things you could do with the amount of money it's going to take to bring that into Loudoun County."

Supporters argue that the placement of two Metro stops in Loudoun would be great. They also don't want Loudoun to miss out on the economic development Metro brings.

"It's easier to get back and forth to D.C. than to have to drive and sit in traffic and everything else," Sterling resident Sir Wheeler adds.

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has to make a final decision by July 4.