Silver Line may cause hassle for Reston residents

Silver Line may cause hassle for Reston residents

As phase two of the Metro Silver Line grows closer, residents worry the financing strategy may bring unintended consequences to Reston's roadways.

Now, concerns of Reston residents are the sound of construction, but soon, it could be the sound of congestion.

"There are [a] couple of backlashes. First of all, traffic diversion," said Terry Maynard, a member of the Reston Citizens Association Board.

Maynard and Tammy Patrine head the Reston Citizens Association. They say their studies show if Dulles tolls spike to finance a longer metro line, 30,000 extra drivers could take to Reston's roads to avoid extra fees.

“I didn’t' want to move to a big city. I wanted to live in a county side village like Reston was, and is meant to be,” said Reston resident Dan Mcquire.

Projections show tolls will likely fund 55 percent of the total project.

“We're trying to find other funding to bring down that 55 percent to 25 percent like it was agreed upon in 2004,” Maynard said.

Fairfax and Loudon Counties have until July 4th to decide if they'll help make up the difference. Patrine hopes lawmakers will study up on potential backlash.

“This is a democracy and citizen's voices need to be heard,” Patrine said.

The airport authority said in a statement that no decision has been made on future toll rates yet. But once they are, they plan to conduct studies to examine potential traffic conditions.