Sidwell Friends condom email goes out to parents

(Photo: Flickr/Robert Elyov)

It looks like someone pulled one over on the parents of students at Sidwell Friends School.

As Washingtonian reports, a prank email apparently went out to the parents of upper school students claiming that condoms would now be distributed to students in school bathrooms and at school dances.

In the email, which Washingtonian obtained in full, members of the school's "administration" say that the move was made after they discovered students acting inappropriately on campus.

"With the influence of today's media - often as morally corrosive as it is entertaining - many Sidwell students believe that it is OK to engage in mature sexual relationships at a young age," the letter read.

Furthermore, the fake email also said that students attending this year's prom, which according to the school's website is set to take place on May 25 at the Four Seasons Hotel in D.C., would receive a voucher for "their choice of contraception."

You can read the full text of the letter at