Sian reunited with owner after violent attack

A cocker spaniel nearly killed in a pit bull attack was reunited with his owner, Doris Waller, Thursday. Doctors credit fast-acting neighbors for saving the dog’s life.

“He is a very lucky dog,” says Waller.

Neighbors Waller had never met came to Sian’s rescue.

“I am really just so grateful because Sian would be dead if they hadn’t stopped the attack,” she says.

Sian’s body is covered with puncture wounds, including his neck.

“The major concern was the laceration across his belly, the underside here,” she says.

Several witnesses say two unleashed pit bulls attacked Sian at 7th and Ingraham streets NW. Sian was with a dog walker at the time because Waller was out of town.

“When I look out the window the two dogs were on top of her dog,” says Dakota Pernell.

Yesterday ABC7 spoke with Pernell and her neighbor, Cecil Bolton, who both raced in to stop the attack.

“You know when a dog grabs a teddy bear and they shake him? That’s what it looked like,” says Pernell.

“He’s 32 pounds. Just to think of being of that being flung around, I didn’t want to imagine,” says Waller.

“I was trying to save a life," says Bolton.

Bolton, 74, beat one of the pit bulls with a stick and it was finally over.

After one surgery, Sian is covering and waiting to go home.

“You now it brings fear into me because we are going back. I live there so Sian is going to have to be walking there in the future so I don’t know how I am going to do with it, but I will deal with that when the time comes,” says Waller.

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