Show your Spirit! Tell the D.C. area why your high school rules

You know why your school is awesome. Now, it's time to tell everyone.

The High School Sports Final "Show Your Spirit!" map is the perfect way to do it. Just click on your school's icon in the map below or find it in the pull down menu at the top left.

Once you find your school, click the "What's so great?" button and tell us why your high school teams rule. Did you beat your rival or eke out a close win? Maybe your mascot is simply cooler than all the others.

For whatever reason or event, we want to you to gloat about your school, and we want you to do it all season long.

As more people comment, the halo around your school grows. You know you want your school's influence to be larger than everyone else (especially your rival), so tell everyone you know to log on and show some spirit!