Stray bullet off I-295 almost hits baby

Shots fired from the southeast-southwest freeway came close to hitting a baby inside a D.C. home.

The family was in their bedroom Saturday when the house was hit.

“I was nursing her in bed and we hear the sound of the glass shattering and I heard about three or four bullet shots,” said Jessica Bharwani.

She says if five-day old Ariella had been in her crib, she would have been hit.

Police believe the stray bullet that entered the Bharwani’s bedroom came from one of the cars whizzing by on I-295 just outside their window.

Jessica and Raj Bharwani just changed the baby:

"We’re at the foot of the bed changing her, so if things had been off by a few minutes would have been a different situation," Raj said.

"She was in my arms but we have the basset right up against the window and the shots went directly over the basset through the curtains," Jessica describes.

Neighbor Melissa Lee, herself about to deliver twins, is angry for her neighbors and herself:

"A little too close, a little too random and a little too just. I hope whoever has done this they're going to find them and make sure they don't do it again," Lee said.

The Bharwanis are thankful their daughter was spared.

"I'm not a religious man, but I figure things happen for a reason and she's going to have a future ahead of her,” Raj said.