Shooting highlights NW gang presence

A shooting at 14th and V Streets in Northwest D.C. is shining a light on increased gang violence in the neighborhood.

This section of town has seen a lot of development recently, with new high-rise buildings and restaurants. The shooting, however, revealed a lot of problems remain.

"We may have more of a gang problem than we realize,” said Bob Lanman, who witnessed the aftermath. He said he saw the two young men running down the street, one without a shoe hopping on one foot. The other seemed to be limping. Police reported both victims were shot in the foot.

Gang observers in this area said it was another incident between rival crews. One of the victims, they said, had been shot in the hand last week.

"This is going on all over the city every day,” said Ron Moten. “The only difference is this one happened on U Street where people pay attention.”

“I was very frightened," admitted Sabina Dewan. When the shooting started yesterday, she was in her condo having dinner with her parents:

"All of a suden there were shots fired in the neighorhood and a couple … bullets hi my front living room window. And I realized it was gunfire and my parents and I got on the floor. "

Dewan said she fears cutbacks in services that may lead to more violence. Blocks away from the shooting location, staffers at the Kennedy rec center at 7th and O Streets held a teen summit Friday afternoon that included videos on the consequences of gang violence. The hope is to prevent incidents this summer, when budget cuts mean fewer youth jobs and opportunities.