Shenandoah residents clean up after massive storm

Shenandoah County tornado damage.

Shenandoah County residents are cleaning up after an overnight tornado Wednesday night. The storm blew through around 2 a.m. in the Mount Herman section of the county.

Poultry farmer Donald Shamburg, 83, said his property was extensively damaged.

"I've never seen so much lightening in my life," he said. Nothing more than rubble was left of he family’s 62 acre poultry and cattle farm.

Shamburg and his son Beverly heard the storm roar through the valley. “For some reason I woke up and within seconds, it was tremendous winds against the house and I thought she was gone,” said Beverly Shamburg.

Damage at the Shamburg's Shenandoah County farm.
Suzanne Kennedy (Photo: ABC7)

The younger Shamburg said they lost close to ten farm vehicles as well as several chicken coops. Despite the devastation the family said they feel lucky to be alive. “We're fine. We're ok and we can recover,” Beverly Shaumburg said.

The tornado that touched down here was one of seven confirmed twisters in the Commonwealth.

At 3 p.m. Friday, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is set to tour rural Washington County in the southwestern part of the Commonwealth. Mr. McDonnell will meet with volunteers then view the damage from the air.
McDonnell declared a state of emergency Thursday after severe storms and tornadoes pounded the state, reportedly killing at least five people and causing widespread damage Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, CNN reports that rescue workers found an injured tornado survivor Friday in Washington County, according to a spokeswoman at the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

The elderly man was taken to a hospital for treatment, though the extent of his injuries was not yet known, said Laura Southard.

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