Shelinda Arrington death in Fairfax County investigated

Fairfax County authorities are pursuing several leads to track down a dark, SUV involved in what's believed to be a road rage incident that left a 21-year-old woman dead.

On Monday, a witness to the Friday tragedy on Harrison Lane in the Hybla Valley section of Fairfax County says he saw the victim, Shelinda Arrington, pull her Buick LeSabre into traffic in front of a dark SUV with temporary tags.

Fairfax County Police officers run radar along Harrison Lane as traffic streams past the spot where Arrington lost her life. Nearby, a man who wants to protect his identity has a startling description of what's believed to be a road rage tragedy.

"I see her fly in the air, she hit the ground. The car went around her and kept going," he says.

He says Arrington, driving the Buick LeSabre, pulled into traffic on Harrison in front of a dark SUV with temporary tags and a Lexus.

"The girl driving the Buick, she had actually cut them off," he says.

Arrington reportedly jumped on the hood of the SUV, and was thrown off and run over her, adding that the driver of the Lexus called 911. He could not see the driver of the SUV but sources indicate it's a woman.

Arrington lived just a half a mile from the spot where she was killed. Her friends, Lisa Leigh and Cherita Newman, say the driver of the SUV needs to be found and brought to justice.

"I think it was very mean and cruel for somebody to do that" Leigh said.

Newman added: "It's scary to think someone is capable of doing such a thing and not turn themselves in.”