Sheena Flores senteced for fake kidnapping scheme

A Manassas woman who staged a kidnapping in Guatemala was sentenced Friday to spend two years behind bars.

Sheena Flores, 34, had earlier pleaded guilty in federal court to one count transmitting in foreign commerce with intent to extort money a communication containing a threat to injure. She is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 21 and faces up to 20 years in prison.

Authorities said Flores was living in Guatemala n July 2010 with a child under the age of two who was born in Guatemala. She contacted a family member in Manassas by telephone and claimed that she and the child had been kidnapped, authorities said. She said the kidnappers wanted $5,000 or she and the child would be killed. Family members of Flores also received text messages threatening to kill Flores is a ransom wasn’t paid.

The relatives wired $3,000.

The kidnapping, however, was staged, authorities said.