D.C. cops hit by the truth torpedo

Washington D.C. is still reeling from the whirlwind visit from Charlie Sheen. And no one was hit by the torpedo of truth harder than the D.C. police.

The MPD has been under fire after it was revealed that MPD police gave Sheen an escort to Constitution Hall from Dulles airport Tuesday night. With lights and sirens blaring, the police escort drove to the hall at upwards of 80 mph and, according to Sheen, ran red lights.

On Friday, police chief Cathy L. Lanier released a statement saying if the escort happened the way it's described, it did not follow proper police protocol.

Yet the head of the police union says there is no such protocol and an escort policy has never existed. He says in fact escorting is a fairly common practice.

“To pretend that we have not been doing this... That's just not right,” said Kris Bauman. "You'll remember three years ago, then-Mayor Fenty, when he was out on bike rides…”

Bauman also points to a motorcade incident in 2007, when two motorcycle officers were injured in an accident while escorting the Arizona Cardinals to Fed Ex field.

In her statement, chief Lanier says these rules were broken:

• It is not our practice to utilize emergency equipment for non-emergency situations.
• Members of the MPD generally do not operate in another jurisdiction without the assistance of a partner agency.
• It appears our protocols surrounding the approval of reimbursable details were not followed in this instance.

Lanier went on to say that police vehicles will be used for escorting only for “the President and Vice President of the United States and such visiting heads of state or their representative who may require extra-ordinary protective measures because of the political conditions which exist at that time, and the Mayor of the District of Columbia.” There are exceptions, but those requests have to go through the chain of command.

She said the matter remains under investigation.