Sharon Ruby Gray fakes abduction, authorities say

According to court papers, 37-year-old Sharon Ruby Gray wanted an RV, SUV, Mercedes and Brandywine home so badly that she was willing to fake her own abduction.

The motive, investigators say, is clear: She wanted to avoid a court appearance in Prince George’s County.

It all started last fall, when a 70-year-old man who lived in a home passed away. In his final weeks, his survivors say Gray befriended the man and when he died, she produced a will which left her the man's house, vehicles and hundreds of acres of land.

His family says the will is a forgery. The parties were due to settle the matter in court in January. But the night before, sheriff's deputies found Gray's minivan abandoned with its engine running and door open in eastern Charles County.

“We saw a purse in the car, eyeglasses on the ground, a knife was on the ground it had all the signs that somebody had been abducted,” says Denise Richardson, Charles County Sheriff’s spokesperson.

Deputies went to Gray's house. Her husband claimed he didn't know where she was. Then, 24 hours later, she re-appeared, telling a terrifying story of being run off the road by a mysterious van.

She said that two men jumped out and one of them grabbed her, put a paper bag over her head and forced her back into the van and tied her up, according to authorities.

Police didn't believe it. She had no injuries and her hair wasn't even out of place after an alleged night in a bag. When they learned she'd spent the night with friends, she was charged with filing a false report.

Gray didn’t answer the door when ABC7 knocked on her door.