Shankia and Leon Robison on trial for 2009 murder

A brother and sister went on trial today for the 2009 murder of a local pizza shop owner.

Authorities initially assumed the owner of Pizza Mart in Northeast was murdered by robbers. In court Tuesday, prosecutors said the slain owner, Shabudin Rana, 44, and Shankia Robison, 28, worked out a green card deal for her to marry Rana's brother for $2,000 a month.

When the scheme failed to fool immigration authorities and the payments stopped, prosecutors say Robinson tricked Rana into letting her into his store one night. She let in her brother Leon Robinson and her boyfriend, Ike Genus.

She robbed the place of thousands of dollars while the men stabbed and hammered Rana to death, prosecutors allege.

In the trial, the boyfriend has turned on the other two and is a key witness.

A married D.C. police officer who'd had an affair with Shankia Robinson was dragged into the case. He was suspended from the force and committed suicide before he was scheduled to testify before a grand jury.