Shady Grove Metro Yard: Worker struck by train

(Photo: Scott Graham/MCFD)

A Metro worker who became trapped under a train at the Shady Grove rail yard has been freed, authorities say.

The worker, a mechanic who has more than 28 years service, suffered serious injuries.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue said that the worker was hit in the train wash area just before 1 p.m.

Metro says the worker was in the rail yard in an area where the trains are washed. The train was out of service, according to Metro, and was empty except for the operator who began slowly moving the train. And then it struck the worker, pinning his leg.

Fire officials say that the victim stepped in front of a moving train before being struck.

Rescue crews spent more than an hour extracting the worker from the train. The victim is being taken to an area trauma center, according to Scott Graham from Montgomery County Fire.

Metro is investigating the incident. Also, the National Transportation Safety Board and Tri-State Oversight Committee have been notified of the incident.

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