Sgt. Edward Cunningham cleared of all charges

A Marine at Marine Corps Base Quantico accused of making death threats toward fellow marines has been cleared of all charges.

A staff judge advocate at Marine Corps Base Quantico determined that the accusations against Sgt. Edward Cunningham weren’t substantiated.

Cunningham was released from custody on Tuesday.

He was accused last week of making repeated verbal threats toward others so his chain of command initiated court martial proceedings against him.

"Very plainly I do not wish to kill my co-workers," Cunningham said.

Cunningham explained his aide of the story Wednesday. He said two weeks ago, he was experiencing mental fatigue and said he voluntarily asked for behavioral health support, which he said he received but after treatment.

When he returned to the base last week, he said he was put behind bars to await a possible court martial. Cunningham's case began just three days after triple shooting at the base where one marine killed two other Marines before turning the gun on himself.

Despite spending more than four days behind bars, Cunningham said he was not angry.