Sgt. Edward Cunningham accused of making threats at marine base

A Marine at Marine Corps Base Quantico is in custody for allegedly making death threats toward fellow Marines and co-workers on base. The threats follow a deadly shooting on the base where just two weeks ago a Marine killed two others before turning the gun on himself.

Sgt. Edward Charles Cunningham, 31, was sent for a behavioral health screening after the alleged threats last week, Lt. Agustin Solivan tells ABC7. He was cleared and sent back to his position in the communications branch on base.

“It was determined that he was not a harm, so he came back to work,” Lt. Solivan says. “People still did not feel safe because when he came back there was more of the same behavior.”

Lt. Solivan says Sgt. Cunningham did not have a “kill list” as first suspected, but he made repeated verbal threats toward others so his chain of command initiated court martial proceedings against him.

“We take threats very seriously whether they are verbal, written, or what the nature of the threat is there is going to be some action,” says Lt. Solivan.{ }

Sgt. Cunningham was taken into custody Thursday night. He is being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford, Va. because Quantico’s pre-trial confinement facility closed last year. A military trial is pending and the case is under investigation.