Arlington residents warned to stay out of water after spill

Photo: @CAPT258

Monday brings a warning to stay out of some area waters, especially if you live near the Arlington County-Alexandria line.

The trouble started early Sunday morning when a car collided with a sewage truck on Route 50 near Fillmore Street in Arlington, sending 1,800 gallons of human waste into nearby storm drains. Five people were injured and taken to area hospitals.

Officials expect the sewage to enter the waterway in the Lower Long Branch tributary just south of Rt. 395.

“It usually smells kind of bad near the sewage treatment plant anyway,” says Everitt Clark of Alexandria.

“Hopefully the sell won’t get any worse around here than it usually is,” says Kathleen Alvania of Alexandria.

Officials sent out alerts to stay out of the water for now. Ruben Duran hadn’t heard the warning, but says he will definitely pay attention.

“The dogs and I won’t be going down the trail to get water, but I can’t tell you the guys who fish aren’t going to be down in there fishing,” he says. “They’re in there any chance they get.”

People often wade out into the water to fish, but officials ask for people and their pets to stay out of the water through Wednesday.

Neighbors say the situation is particularly frustrating because this is a very pet-friendly community. This is the second sewage spill and the second warning they've had to deal with in recent months. The previous one was from a pipe rupture.