Severe storms prompt rescues, inflict widespread damage (Videos)

A rescuer smashes out a window of a flooded car after Friday's band of storms rolled through the D.C. region.

The bands of storms that rolled through the D.C. region Friday inflicted widespread damage, flooded streets, and required heroic efforts to rescue people in flooded cars and three teens clinging to bridge supports in swift moving waters.

The storms and the severity of the damage caught a lot of people off guard, despite the warnings over the previous 48 hours that dangerous weather was on its way.

Firefighters used high-angle, swift-water rescue techniques to extract three teens who had been swept away by an even stronger current under the 38th Street bridge in Mt. Rainier.

Roz Plater reports from Northeast D.C. where cars were flooded and rescue teams had to help people out.

Ben Eisler reports from Montgomery County where a weather phenomenon came ripping through one neighborhood unlike any the residents had ever seen . Witnesses say it lasted only 35 seconds, but its destruction was intense.

And Autria Godfrey reports on people who ventured out in the elements in defiance of the storms. Many of them were caught and had to scramble for cover.

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