Seven on your side: Woman has to brace heat without AC

One woman has almost nowhere to go in her own home to get away from the heat until ABC7 stepped in.

“I just might as well be in hell because that's the way I feel with the heat,” Dr. B. Kazemi said.

The 78-year-old retired educator and activist has been struggling for the last few weeks due to the crippling heat. The walls in her Southeast home are adorned with photos of the rich and powerful.

In April, when she turned on the air-conditioning unit in her Southwest home for the first time, there was nothing.

“I’ve been suffering ever since, day and night," Kazemi said.

The only space in her home where she finds relief is below a ceiling fan in her dining room.

She informed the property manager, who is responsible for replacing her rusty heat pump. But she says for months her pleas were ignored.

“It’s an insult. It's ridiculous,” she said. Kazemi fears her health is in jeopardy. “I could have a stroke from being overheated."

Last month, the management company agreed that a fix was in order and said it would take a couple weeks. They had to order a part.

ABC7 called the property manager Wednesday. He said he had located a brand-new heat pump that will be delivered Thursday. It be up and running for Ms. Kazemi by Friday.

“I knew that if I called you I would get some help," Kazemi said.