Sergeant John Peck receives Smart Home in Fredericksburg

As we recognize Veterans Day, a marine is getting the gift of comfort. Sergeant John Peck, 27, was presented with a new home Monday in Fredericksburg. It’s designed specifically for the needs of a wounded warrior.

Peck suffered a serious head injury after an IED explosion in Iraq. He then returned to the battlefield in Afghanistan where in May of 2010 another IED blast took his arms and legs.

"You have your rough days,” said Peck. “Mine are a little bit rougher."

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation provided John, his mother Lisa and service dog Naser with the brand new Smart Home. It’s equipped with lower height appliances, electronic, easy-to-reach shelves and a stereo system.

John’s mother Lisa is proud of her son, but not surprised by his resilience in the face of struggle.

"That's the way I raised him,” said Lisa. “To be positive and to handle whatever comes his way as a challenge and go on."