Sequestration 2013: Laurel residents brace for the sequester

The impact of sequestration in: Virginia | Maryland | District of Columbia

The residents and business owners of Laurel are understandably opinionated about sequestration. The decade-long trillion dollar spending cuts could have a big impact on this community.

Stroll down historic Main Street, and you wouldn't have wait long to hear solutions to the problem. From a former defense department worker, who wouldn't cut military budget but would rather re-organize and prioritize.

Tim Gill makes cuts of a different kind everyday. He has a big fiscal cut in mind to solve the issue.

“I'd cut homeland security,” says Gill. “I think its little over-hyped. I think the money they dump into it, is way too general broad spectrum.”

Whatever the impact of sequestration on the public or private sector, Laurel will be at the center. This area is home to Fort Meade, NSA, and a lab for Johns Hopkins

Knowing the possible aftermath of sequestration to this community, many around here are leery about making deep cuts.

“Maybe the solution isn't, let’s fix everything at once, lets slice it up,” says Silver Spring resident Brandon Corbin. “Let’s fix 10 percent of it now 10 percent of it next year. Do what we can, instead of just kicking the can down the road.”