Septima Clark Public Charter School to close

Students protest the closing of the school. (Photo: WJLA)

The D.C. Public Charter School Board decided Monday to close Septima Clark Public Charter School.

Students made a last attempt at saving their school in front of City Hall earlier in the day.

The handful of Septima Clark Public Charter School students made sure the message was loud and clear.

Devon Lewis, a 4th grader at the all-boys school, came with his classmates and some parents, including his mother.

"If our school closes down we might not have a school to go to," Devon Lewis says.

Kiana Lewis says no other school will be the same.

"They say it takes a village to raise a child and Septima Clark is that village," Kiana Lewis says.

ABC7 reached out to the school's chairman, Jay Costan , who on the phone told ABC7 that Septima Clark will consolidate with top-tier achievement preparatory academy.

Achievement Prep will take over Septima Clark's finances and its students.

Costan says poor academic performance and low enrollment is the main reason for closing the school.

And because of that, Costan says the school did not have any real estate options after its lease ends this June.

Parents, however, say otherwise.

"Either the board was misinformed, had no idea what was going on or just deliberately did not care," says one parent.

And now, there are 200-plus students not sure what classroom they'll be in next year.