Sen. Mark Warner not running for governor in Virginia

Sen. Mark Warner says he won't run for governor in Virginia in 2013. (Photo: Mark Warner's office)

U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) has announced that he won’t run for the governor's seat in Virginia in 2013, ending speculation that the popular senator and former governor will run.

“I loved being Governor, but I have a different job now -- and it's here, in the United States Senate,” Warner said in a statement issued Tuesday.

A recent Quinnipiac University's survey of 1,469 registered Virginia voters from Nov. 8-12 showed that 53 percent would support Warner in a match-up with Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling to Bolling's 33 percent.

Matched against Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, 52 percent supported Warner and 34 percent backed Cuccinelli.

Warner served as governor to the Commonwealth from 2002 to 2006.

“I hope my value add in Congress is to continue working hard every day to not simply blame the other side, but to actually try to find common ground so we can get stuff done,” Warner stated. “At times, it's been frustrating. But I believe this work is important for Virginia, and for our country, and I intend to see it through.”

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe, who unsuccessfully sought his party's nomination for governor of Virginia in 2009, announced that he'll run for governor in Virginia.

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