Security increase in light of Boston: Is it the new normal?

Photo: Ben Rice

Is this the new normal?

The level of security that’s been heightened in light of Monday's twin bombings at the Boston Marathon could become part of everyday life in Washington.

Park Police have stepped up patrols on the National Mall, keeping an eye out for unattended bags and some larger ones, like a rollaway the Volpe’s brought to the Lincoln Memorial.

“They just informed us to be aware that they may double check the contents of our bags and we just have our coats and water in there,” says Greg Volpe of Pennsylvania.

Upcoming big events like the Fourth of July celebrations on the Mall will go on as planned, but Park Police officials say they’re reexamining security procedures and the hundreds of thousands of revelers may have to endure additional screenings.

“Seem like it’s going to get worse, it seems like,” says Lionel Cardenas of Arlington, “but whatever it takes to secure the people.”

The next time you head to a Washington Nationals game, there will likely be additional security changes as well. The team says it’s evaluating safety measures before the next home game on Monday.

More thorough screening at Tuesday night’s Capitals game resulted in longer than normal lines. The team says the increased security will remain through the rest of the season.

Even local hotels have enhanced their security measures.

“I think we need to protect everybody and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t have anything to hide,” says Roseanna Volpe.