Security heightened at Friendly High School after student's death

A Fort Washington high school is reeling after violence comes to their campus. It started over the weekend when 16-year-old Marcus Jones was shot to death as he left a party. It continued Tuesday with a series of lockdowns as students returned to Friendly High School.

A host of Prince George's County police officers met with students after the last bell rang Tuesday. Two fights broke out inside the school earlier in the day.

And Wednesday night, school officials and police met with parents at the school to quell fears.

Emotions were running high for students after Jones was murdered around midnight Sunday. Detectives said Jones was at a chaperoned party on Webster Lane and was walking out to his car when he was gunned down. The shooter ran away from the scene, leaving his gun behind, sources say.

"They didn't have to take him...," said student Reese Salters. "He didn't deserve to die."

"Everybody feels terrible in school, because everybody knew him," added Frederick Young, who also attends Friendly High School.

Grief counselors were called to the school Tuesday to help students cope with the tragic news.

Police said officers were called to the school after 10 students got into a confrontation. Once they arrived, they say another group got into a fight. Sources explained the fights were related to Jones' death, as students were trying to determine if anyone knew who was responsible.

Rochelle Farlow claimed her 17-year-old son was roughed up by police. Authorities told ABC7 he was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

"He wasn't running...he wasn't none of that. The video tape at the school shows it," Farlow said.

Uniformed police officers, squad cars and heightened security will be in place all week.

Jones' uncle, James Jones, had a message for the students of Friendly High School.{ }

"Marcus wouldn't want this, you know. I know all them kids are hurt behind this incident, but they have to be strong for each other and carry on."

Prince George's County police will discuss the murder of Marcus Jones at a community meeting Jan. 23. The 7 p.m. meeting will be held at Friendly High School, located at 10000 Allentown Road.