Security cameras in high school cafeterias?

After a food fight at West Springfield High School last year, one student was arrested.

According to school records, in the past two years there have been 16 food fights in Fairfax high schools and a total of 70 incidents.

That's why many parents say surveillance cameras are a good idea

But other parents worry about the message being sent to students.

"It says we don't trust our students,” said Michelle Menapace, a parent and activist. “That's the message it sends and I don't think that's true."

As for the students, at Centreville High School, where a food fight last year required paramedics to treat two students, they're split on how effective cameras would be.

"Kids are gonna think it's funny to get caught on video so I don't think it's a good idea," said senior Reilly Conway.

"If they put cameras in the cafeteria then they can see who did it and what happened,” said junior Haley Spencer.

But Centreville's principal says it’s not just about food fights. The camera would be used just like the exterior cameras are now.

"We want to prevent bullying, harassment, theft, drug use and drug dealing,” says Centreville principal Mike Campbell. “For me it's about after hours, between four to 11 there's no security in the building."