Secret Service officer rescues woman near White House

(WJLA) - Just feet from the White House, security cameras captured the moment a woman went down – as well as the frantic race to save her.

"She was not conscious -- barely breathing and foaming at the mouth," said Secret Service Officer William Grimmer.

Officer Grimmer was in a vehicle on 17th Street when he saw the woman collapse. He managed to get to her in only seconds:

"At that point, I realized she was going to need medical attention and I requested an EMT."

Officer Thomas Hammond, seen here giving CPR, happened to be just feet away. An EMT, Hammond went to work immediately, and knew that if the woman was going to have a chance at survival, he had to keep her blood flowing to vital organs.

"It's 30 compressions for every breath that you give them -- which she was in dire need of...she didn't have a pulse that I could feel," he said.

After supplying her with a shock, her pulse returned, and they continued CPR until D.C. Fire showed up and took the victim to the hospital.

Tonight, the woman remains hospitalized, but is making progress – alert, awake, and no doubt grateful to some fast-thinking Secret Service agents.

"Several officers were in this location...D.C. Fire is close by, the hospital is close -- so she couldn't have been in a better place for something as unfortunate as this to have had to happen," said Officer Hammond.