Secret Santa pays for layaway gifts at Toys R Us

STERLING, Va. (WJLA) – After buying some toys inside this Sterling Toys R Us store, a mystery man went to the manager to offer up a good deed: he paid several hundred dollars to cover layaway gifts for seven families.

"Oh my gosh," said Leesburg resident Marilyn Gilligan. "That's amazing. That Christmas spirit."

The families who put their Christmas toys on layaway were about to lose the items on their children's wish list because time was running out. But this mystery man couldn't let that happen.

"It kind of tears you up a little bit because you want to do something for someone -- just show that warmth for this time in the season," said Kevin Glover.

The mysterious gift-giver emailed ABC7 on Tuesday morning -- with no name, phone number, or return email address. He wrote the following:

"I just paid off everyone's layaway items at the toys r us in sterling va. It would be nice to report this and just maybe more secret santas will appear next year. Merry Christmas. -Secret Santa"

"He just said, it's on me...I think that's amazing," said Herndon resident Tamika Smith.