Second wave snow blankets Md.

(WJLA) - No sooner than crews cleared the parking lot, a second round of snow threw another knockout punch. And no one feels it more than the family that runs this mom-and-pop takeout place in Bowie. They have been hoping to get business back on track.

"Right now it's kind of slowed down a lot because the snow is getting heavy...We're losing money," said restaurant manager Joe Guo.

Even the customers venturing out to get dinner found it tough going.

"This is really bad -- you got ice, rain and snow, you don't get a chance to clean it off and it comes back again," added Bowie resident Johnny Adams.

Most told us this is the worst winter they have had in years – round after round of it piling up relentlessly.

"The good thing is we have a snow blower -- and in two years, I haven't had to use it...but now I've really had to use it," said Bill Howard.

But for now, since they know they can't fight Mother Nature, nearby residents bundle up and trek out to fight off a little cabin fever.

"We're out looking for some food, something to eat...and call it a night," said Heather Boyer.

Only some are wishing for warmer temperatures.

"What I'm really sick of is hot weather in the summer, so I'll take this all day!" said Cornell Williams.

Meanwhile in Frederick, snow plows had spent all of Thursday getting the roads clear, but that hard work promptly went down the train when roads like I-70 were soon covered again in snow. And side roads fared even worse.

"You're thinking it was over, and now all of a sudden, driving, I drove through a lot of it, so it was really tough," said Mt. Airy resident John Weaver.

As night fell in Frederick County, rain was falling in some areas until snow returned with a vengeance.

Pierre Gabriel was still trying to clear up the snow from the first storm in this parking lot when more started falling. Cars that had been somewhat covered were suddenly almost completely covered thanks to the second wave of snow.

Truck driver Will Ammons says he's been making deliveries all through the Northeast and New England, but this is the worst weather he's seen. And it's the first time he's gotten stuck:

"I was parked, then when I went to take off it didn't get any grip, it just started sliding."

After more than 24 hours of this, folks are ready for this all to be over.

"Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow," said snow removal worker Pierre Gabriel.