Second baby dolphin dies at National Aquarium

The family of dolphins at the Baltimore aquarium resumed their daily shows Monday with two fewer members. Trainers are trying to figure out why two baby dolphins born at the aquarium passed away last week.

“Obviously it's a tremendous loss, these animals we all feel are an extended part of our own families so we're grieving right alongside the animals," said Allison Ginsburg, manager of dolphin training.

The second of two baby bottlenose dolphins born in April at the National Aquarium died Saturday, the Baltimore Sun first reported, less than a week after the first one died.

The calves - one male and one female - showed no signs of distress when the male passed away on Tuesday. Four days later, the female's nursing pattern changed and her breathing rate increased. Emergency medical treatment from trainers was no help.

Both were about two months old and had just recently been integrated into the exhibit. The calfs were born to two female dolphins called Spirit and Maya fewer than two weeks apart.

The dolphin show scheduled for Sunday was cancelled, the Aquarium said on its website. Visitors can still see the dolphins from the Underwater Viewing Area.

Trainers say it could be weeks before the results of medical tests on the deceased dolphins are available.

In a video posted to the Aquariums YouTube channel on June 9, the dolphins are seen swimming with and nursing their offspring.