Seat Pleasant grow house busted after power outage

A power outage led to the bust of a marijuana growing operation in a home in Seat Pleasant, Md.

Police might never have found Joe Johnson's grow house had he not been allegedly trying to steal electricity from his neighbors.

"Everybody was watching TV and everything just shut down," said neighbor Trayonna Queen.

Queen said her family thought it was a routine blackout until she saw that her house was the only one affected.

"When I looked out the window, everybody's porch light was on except for ours," Queen said.

Queen told her son, Jhonnay, to look outside, at whch point he saw his neighbor running away with a flashlight.

"All I seen was like a light moving from my yard to his yard and to his door and that was it," Jhonnay said.

Jhonnay went outside to investigate the power meter.

"We couldn't find the bubble, the meter," Jhonnay said. "The face was gone. The pliers were right down there."

The Queens say Johnson stole their meter as part of a plan to steal electricity. They called police who came to Johnson's home and arrested him.

Police smelled marijuana, attained a warrant, and found marijuana and grow equipment.