Seat Pleasant City Council ousts Mayor Eugene Grant, so he holds court in a tent

Eugene W. Grant, mayor of Seat Pleasant in Prince George's County, Maryland. (Official photo/City of Seat Pleasant)

SEAT PLEASANT, Md. (AP) - A Prince George's County mayor moved his office into a tent outside of City Hall after being ousted from the building.

Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene W. Grant set up the beige tent with a desk and American flag in front of City Hall on Friday. City Council members voted 4 to 2 to force Grant out of his office over allegations he was creating a hostile work environment. There were 13 complaints about his behavior over his 10 years as mayor.

Grant says there's no truth to the allegations. He's promised to set up his tent all over the city to meet with residents in what he's calling his "mobile mayor campaign." Grant, who has two years left in his term, isn't banned from other rooms in City Hall.