Seal Team Six families speak out near White House

Hoping their voices are heard loud and clear across the street at the White House, families of three Navy Seals killed in Afghanistan are talking.

The "Team Six" Special Forces servicemen were involved in a deadly helicopter crash in 2011 after it was showdown with a rocket propelled grenade.

The attack just a few months after the same team killed Osama bin Laden. All 38 in the Chinook, including 25 American Special Operations personnel were killed.

"We have brave fighting men and women… (who were) betrayed by their government,” says Larry Klayman, the chairman of Freedom Watch.

The grieving relatives say the U.S. government is just as responsible for the deaths of their sons as the Taliban.

The families, including that of Navy Seal Michael Strange, also claim the servicemen were sent into battle without proper air support and they believe the denial of requested pre-assault fire may have contributed to their demise.