SE neighborhood on edge after alleged sexual assault

The search is on for a man who used some kind of chemical to knock a woman out so he could sexually assault her.

The attack happened on Good Hope Rd. in southeast Washington and has the entire neighborhood, men and women, on edge.

Near Good Hope and Naylor roads southeast, word of an alleged sexual assault so sinister is at first difficult for residents to digest.

“Can’t walk at night. It’s crazy,” says Andre Vest.

D.C. Police report last Wednesday night around 11:45 a man hiding in some bushes approached a woman from behind and grabbed her hair, pulled her to the ground, hit her in the face and then pointed a black and silver handgun at her. The woman in her thirties told detectives the man then put on a rubber glove, pulled a bottle out of his pocket and poured an unknown liquid onto his glove. Whatever that was, she says he placed it under her nose and she got dizzy and passed out. Seven hours later she says she woke up naked and in pain. Police say she was sexually assaulted.

“I walk my dog right down there and my daughter walks down the street to go to school,” says Neshawn Smith.

Smith says she lives next to the wooded area where the attack occurred.

“All kind of people walk by there, but you never think anyone would do that,” says Smith.

Tyrone Scarborough and his 11-year-old daughter also live nearby. He is concerned.

“Very much, that is why I am overprotective of her, especially after that,” he says.

“You always have to look behind you or have pepper spray. My husband doesn’t want me going out after dark,’ says Chasidy Krug.

Krug also says her heart goes out to the woman.

“It’s sad for her. It’s sad for her family. I am sure she is going through a lot so my prayers go out to her,” she says.

“She was probably just coming home from work,” says Twan Thomas. “It’s a sad situation.”

The suspect is described as being 50 to 60 years old with an afro, mustache and beard. He was last seen wearing a red and black flannel shirt.