SE D.C. ranked 22 on 'Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods' list

(WJLA) - Charlet Noble is not surprised to learn her neighborhood is listed as one of America’s most dangerous.

During FBI crime data and census tracts, the website rated the 25 most dangerous areas – East St. Louis, Illinois was the worst, and D.C. ranked 22, specifically "Atlantic St SE / 4th St SE."

"No, I don't feel safe in this area. I don't and that's the truth," confirmed resident Regina Harvest.

The numbers show that while one in 80 D.C. residents is a crime victim each year, in this area, that rate is six times higher.

Yet some who live and work here don’t see it that way.

"I dare to say that in any an inner-city large city neighborhood, you're going to find some dangerous pockets. This 22nd in the nation, I firmly disagree," said Wendy Glenn.

However, one residents tells us he doesn’t feel safe walking the streets here or anywhere.

"We thought Navy Yard was one of the safest places, and you saw what happened up there, so why should I feel safe walking around here?" countered Jemal Matthews.