SCOTUS: Supreme Court rules on health care reform, Arizona's immigration law

A group of people gathered to protest a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision on Obama's health care reform bill. (Photo: Scott Thuman/WJLA)

It’s been a long time since the Supreme Court has had a week as big as it’s expected to have this week.

Rulings in not one, but two major cases are expected to come out.

The justices are expected to release their decision on whether President Obama’s health care plan will be thrown out. The court is also expected to give out its decision on whether an Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration will be allowed to stand.

"This is the biggest year that the court has had in probably decades," said Jennifer Haberkorn, who has been covering the health care case for Politico.

On the health care issue, Haberkorn says the court has three basic options.

"They could uphold the whole law, they could strike the whole law, or they could strike the individual mandate -- the requirement that everybody has to buy insurance," Haberkorn said.

Haberkorn says most court watchers expect the mandate to be struck down, but there’s still a possibility the court will surprise them.

The other big issues involves an Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration. The Supreme Court will issue a decision on whether the law enables local officers to do things only the federal government has jurisdiction to do.

The court also still has to decide cases on lying about military medals, juvenile sentencing and real estate kickbacks.

Monday is the court's last scheduled meeting until the fall, but it is unlikely to be the final session.

As the justices leave the bench, Marshal Pamela Talkin will announce the court's next meeting.

Then, on the next-to-last day, Chief Justice John Roberts will say that its next meeting will be the last.

Such word could come Monday or, more likely, later in the week.