Scott Duane Spear's lawyer says accuser fabricated story

Scott Spear (Photo: Montgomery County Police)

***All charges against Scott Spear have been dropped***

The lawyer for a Richard Montgomery High School coach accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student said the troubled teen is fabricating the accusations.

The coach, Scott Duane Spear, 47, of Rockville, is the basketball and track coach at Richard Montgomery High School. He was arrested and charged with two counts of committing a fourth-degree sex offense.

He is also the Julius West Middle School teacher.

After a brief hearing Friday afternoon, Scott Spear's father and brother declined to speak about the coach's arrest. But Spear's lawyer told us his client categorically denies the charges.

“He professes complete innocence and in fact what was interesting was he met with me and offered to take a polygraph,” says his attorney Steven VanGrack.

In court Friday, a prosecutor alleged Spear used his positions as a long time teacher at Julius West Middle School and as basketball and track coach at Richard Montgomery High School to "get girls.''

Spear's lawyer says the girl is making up the story.

“This could be a troubled young girl who is making allegations against a mentor coach teacher,” VanGrack says.

On January 27, police received information that a 16-year-old Richard Montgomery High School student had sex with Spear.

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Police said that in May or June 2011, the 16-year-old student told a third party that she had sex with an older man. The student didn’t go into detail about the man.

In November 2011, the student identified the defendant to the third party, police said. Spear had been the student’s track coach since 2009. He had also been the student’s 8th grade teacher at Julius West Middle School.

While Spear was her track coach, she and the defendant spoke with each other constantly on the phone, after school and on weekends, police say.

In April or May 2011, Spear contacted the student and asked if she wanted to meet. She agreed, and Spear took her to a residence in Rockville where they had sex, police say.

Nobody answered the door at the house the unmarried Spear shares with his elderly parents in Rockville but he is the talk of the town where he's lived almost his entire life.

“A lot of people are surprised,” says Jeremy Dioum. “I’m surprised too.”

Spear has taught for 24 years and has developed a stellar reputation as a coach and mentor. Several students at Richard Montgomery say for that reason they don't want to pre-judge

“There’s lots of talk about it but people are being careful not to make a quick judgment before the facts can be determined,” says Sam Deutch.