School bus driver collapses, but averts near tragedy

Dustin Mitcham, 17, Clarksburg High School senior. Photo: WJLA

A Montgomery County high school student says he is no hero, but he has been given a lot of credit for his actions after the driver of his school bus suffered some kind of physical collapse.

Dustin Mitcham, 17, a Clarksburg High School senior, says the driver, though barely able to move, actually averted disaster.

It turned into a horrifying ride to school last Friday.

Heading down the winding rural roads which lead to the high school, something suddenly happened to the bus driver.

"His head ... sunk over, like he got knocked out," Mitcham says.

The bus then careened out of control.

Students on board say the driver, though incapacitated, managed to bring the bus to a stop just before slamming into a utility pole.

"I was shaking when I went up to him," Mitcham. "I picked up the bus radio and I told another student to call 911."

"I seen one kid helping the bus driver off of the bus," says Don Bowers, who{ } watched from his front yard.

Bowers says had the bus gone another 10 feet it would have taken out the utility pole, which he thinks could have led to tragedy.

"It would have gone right into these electric lines and they would have gone right into the bus," Bowers says.

Mitcham says he didn't do anything special, just tried to help someone in need.

"I mean I don't look at myself like a hero, I just did what I thought was right," he says.

Montgomery County school officials are investigating the accident.

There was no information on his the driver's condition.