Scammers rob 91-year-old grandmother in her Arlington home

A 91-year-old grandmother in Arlington was robbed by two men she allowed into her home after they said they were with the phone company.

They told her phones were down in the neighborhood and they had to check her wiring, so she let them in.

They robbed her of some very valuable jewelry, which she had planned to use to pay for her grandchildrens' college education, she says.

She said they were so polite, they even helped her get to her chair. Then she says one of them kept her occupied in the living room while the second man quickly scanned the house, then began making trips up and down the stairs.

The men communicated via walkie--talkie. It wasn't until they were long gone that she discovered she'd been robbed.

"I had all of my important papers and everything...and I have a locked closet..they pried that open...and they went in everything."

"They were looking for jewelry and money. I have a whole drawer full of costume jewelry...they didn't even bother to take one piece of it."

She says investigators believe the second man stuffed her valuables in his pockets. Arlington police are trying to track down the scammers. And she is telling her story.