Sarah Sands brings Dance Trance to D.C.

No question it's a party-like atmosphere at a certain northwest D.C. gym. It’s "dance trance,” a high intensity workout that's a hit with young professional women.

Sarah Sands knows about working hard in a city that’s very serious. She was spending 70 to 80 hours a week at the office as a lawyer. She says she worked and slept, and had no time to be with her husband, her friends or to just be happy.

“I realized my priorities and where I really wanted to spend my time were absolutely out of whack with what I was actually doing,” she says.

That's when her husband encouraged her to pursue her passion of dancing.

“I thought people were going laugh at me,” she says. “I'm not going be living up to my full potential. I went to law school, I should be on the Hill and have a big important job.”

So she brought “dance trance” to D.C., and now there are 13 classes a week and two locations in D.C. She says owning her own business is still stressful, it's just a new kind of stress.

Sands says she applies what she learned in law school to running her business, and she hopes to have more locations open in the near future.
And she says she gets all the satisfaction she needs from the people who take her class.

“To see them get comfortable with their bodies, see their bodies transform because of the working out and to see the smiles of confidence on their faces, just pure bliss, is my favorite part,” she says.