Sarah Cooper, Sam Miller graduate from American, get engaged

Miller wasted no time in getting down on one knee for Cooper at American's commencement. (Photo: American University)

Sarah Cooper already knew that the second weekend of May would mark the day she graduated from American University. What she didn't expect was that it would also become her engagement day.

That it was, though, as second after she stepped off the stage as a college graduate, she also became a fiance to Sam Miller.

Cooper, who came to Washington from New Jersey, and Miller, an Indiana native, have been dating basically since the two stepped on the campus of American four years ago.

"It feels like we've already been married," Cooper says. "We're always together."

However, no matter how the couple felt, their parents had one rule - if they were getting married, they'd do it after college was over.

"My mom said that after graduation, it's fair game," Miller said. "I think my parents said no tattoos, no piercings and no marriage."

He took that statement right to heart. In fact, he waited an entire five seconds after Cooper received her degree before he got down on one knee.

"I think he said something about, 'I've waited a long time, I can't wait any longer, will you marry me?'' Cooper said.

The ring itself is just as unique as the proposal. The diamonds are passed down from her grandmother and mother's rings, and she says having it on her finger already is a shock, but it feels good. She also says the pending nuptials are important to her since she lost her dad as a child.

"I don't see the point in waiting," she said. "If you love the person, it doesn't make sense to me."

A life as newlyweds in D.C. is in the offing for Sarah and Sam - she wants to be a teacher and he already has a job in public relations. Meanwhile, they plan to wait at least a year before saying "I do."