Sandy Hook shooting: Jefferson Academy collects gifts for Newtown

Students in D.C. help the Newtown community. (Photo: Brianne Carter)

At Jefferson Academy in southwest Washington, there’s a show of support for the Newtown community.

In an effort to comfort the students of Sandy Hook elementary, all week long the middle schoolers have been collecting stuffed animals to send to Connecticut.

Boxes and boxes have already been filled with everything from Care Bears to Garfield.

Many of the students wore Sandy Hook Elementary’s school colors -- white and green.

Seventh grader Armani Scott made her own t-shirt with all of the names of the students who lost their lives in the tragic shooting last Friday.

The number one thing for this is just to show that we really care for all the students who have lost their lives for no reason,” Armani says.

Jenna Schmidt, the school counselor, says it's inspiring to see these young students help others they've never met.

“They're support brings a tear to our eye, we feel so blessed for what these students want to do,” she says.