Sandy donations pour into Wheaton home

One week after Sandy struck the East Coast, more than one million people are still left in the cold. But help is coming in from all over the country.

Everywhere you look, inside and out, there are donations for the victims of Superstorm Sandy in one Wheaton home and they just keep coming.

“We all feel so bad for New York. We thought we would take a big hit, but then sitting here in relative peace, watching New York get it was heart wrenching,” says Melanie Donohue.

It all began on Friday night. Soley Somma says she watched the devastating photos on TV and knew she had to do something.

“We’re from New York,” she says. “I was there for the ’93 World Trade Center bombing, September 11th and I just couldn’t sit here in Maryland knowing that people were suffering and do nothing.”

So she asked a few friends to help, eventually getting a large group together. Now volunteers are working in shifts to sort it all: food, batteries, cleaning supplies, diapers and lots of warm clothing.

“A big problem at the centers is they don’t have people to sort,” says Julie Lundy, a volunteer. “They were turning away clothing so we decided to sort it ourselves.”

What began as a plan to fill an SUV or van has now grown into several truckloads. On Tuesday they'll drive a 14-foot truck to New York stocked with donations. On Thursday they plan to make a trip to New Jersey.

“It’s humbling actually. I feel like one small person trying to do something really big,” she says.

The group has created a Facebook page. You can follow their donation efforts there.