Saloma Kathleen Stolzfus killed in Route 5 buggy accident

A 12-year-old Amish girl was killed in St. Mary's County over the weekend when the horse and buggy she was riding in was hit by a pickup truck, police say.

St. Mary's County Sheriff officials say that Saloma Kathleen Stolzfus and two others were riding in their buggy on Oaks Road in Waldorf when, while trying to cross the intersection with Route 5/Three Notch Road, they were struck by a Ford F150 that was traveling northbound.

The three people in the buggy were ejected were transported to Civista Medical Center, where Saloma eventually passed away. The two other buggy occupants were treated and released.

The sheriff's office says that the driver of the Ford, 31-year-old Francis Jerome Brawner Jr. of Waldorf, did not notice the buggy in the intersection. He was not running a red light, nor do police say speed, alcohol or drugs were a factor.

Uriah Yoder spent last night trying to console the Stoltzfus family as the entire Amish community tries to come to terms with the tragedy.

“In our community, we try to forgive and forget,” he said.

Police say the investigation is still ongoing but at this point it doesn't appear either is at fault. The truck had a green light, as did the buggy. It’s just that the buggy didn't make it through the intersection in time.

Buggies are nothing new along the streets of St. Mary’s County, with a large Amish population.

But residents say it's not the slow buggies that are to blame. Rather it’s the cars that can't seem to slow down.