Sally Adams appears on ABC's 'Extreme Makeover'

One year ago, Sally Adams was morbidly obese. She weighed close to 350 pounds and found it unacceptable.

The 46-year-old says her weight spiraled out of control after some serious injuries and a couple miscarriages.

“Instead of helping myself dig out with exercise and right nutrition, I was digging my own grave with a spoon,” she says.

Adams reached out to extreme makeover for help. And Chris Powell set up the D.C. mother on an extremely intense weight-loss, workout and nutrition plan.

Locally, trainer Jesse Woody at Primal Fitness helped keep her on track.

“She was here five days a week and then spent 3 to 4 hours a day at another gym outside of everything she did here,” Woody says.

Over time, Adams' body weight plummeted and her cholesterol and blood sugar levels dropped from the danger zone.

She says that there’s no doubt that the experience was “utterly critical” to her survival.

It was critical for herself and her family.

“I have this beautiful, wild active 5-year-old son and I want to be around to enjoy his life,” she says.

Adams isn't done. She wants to lose more weight and ultimately, she hopes her journey motivates others into action.

“The thing that I took away and kept me going whole time was knowing that somebody else might see me and be inspired to get off of that couch,” she says.